Deputy Program Manager

Support the assigned Program Manager or Manager, Program Sales in the performance of his/her duties, within a specific vertical within sales department. May have primary responsibility for a subset of the portfolio of contracts.



  • Provide program management support for assigned contract vehicles to ensure compliance and attain maximum contract revenue and profitability.

  • Initiate and respond to requests for contract changes, product substitutions and/or technical refreshments.

  • Prepare contract deliverable reports and keep abreast of contractual terms and conditions while assisting in the preparation of contract modifications for price reductions, addition of product, discontinuance of product, product replacements and version changes.

  • Monitor delivery and other key elements and subcontractor performance while coordinating with other departments to ensure that contract requirements are satisfied.

  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and provisions.

  • Identify and record key contract components within a specialized database, update database as changes occur, and communicate said changes within the company.

  • Ensure price and supply agreements are in place from award through completion while managing and enhancing a vendor’s contract performance.

  • Support the sales effort, prepare and distribute reports, review order configuration and resolve issues.

  • Assist in negotiations with clients and suppliers to achieve best possible terms.

  • Provide consultation to other coworkers; is a team leader.

  • Seek new business opportunities through contract promotion and development.

  • Assist in writing proposals, review and evaluate solicitations.


  • Bachelor’s degree.

  • 3 to 4 years of experience managing or administering contracts within the IT or a similar industry.

  • Possess clear, effective communication skills (verbal and written).

  • Understands the purchasing-contract processes and is familiar with computer-reseller contractual requirements.

  • Possesses contract experience or relevant customer-related experience, procurement knowledge, and knowledge of how to extract and analyze contract data.

  • Possess strong organizational skills.

  • Proficient in MS Excel, MS Word and Outlook.

  • Certified by a recognized contract management association

  • Proficient in MS Access and other Databases