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RECRUITMENT SPECIALISTS | Lucille Abate, Principal & Founder


Established in 1993 through an affiliation with a few international organizations, Abane & Associates Inc.became the preferred “boutique” recruitment service provider of choice based on our unique customized solutions.

As a boutique style recruitment and consultation firm, we strive to deliver the highest quality service and solutions to your recruitment needs.

Our mission is to provide unique recruitment solutions to your human resources requirements. The Abane & Associates Inc. team is large enough to fulfill any recruitment strategy yet small enough to customize our search solutions to meet your high quality standards.

Traditional Services



Retained/Exclusive Searches
Abane & Associates Inc. offers retained searches for positions that are very specialized and require additional attention to successfully attract your ideal candidate! Retained searches are typical for Executive level opportunities that require a dedicated effort and a high degree of confidentiality in order to attract the ideal candidate.

Contingency/Non-Exclusive Searches
As in most contingency searches, there is no cost until we attract the right candidate for you. As we work with a number of employers at one time, we will ensure that your opportunity receives as much exposure as possible.

Customized Search Solutions
Let Abane & Associates Inc. customize a recruitment solution tailored to your unique requirements! We have had tremendous success in thinking outside the box to attract the ideal candidate to your organization!

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